Tips For Keeping Your Job As An X-Ray Technician

Posted on: 29 January 2019


If you're an X-ray technician, you might really love your job. After all, you might enjoy working with patients and helping them in their time of need, and you might make a good income. You could be concerned about the possibility of losing your job at some point, but you can help make sure that you can keep the job that you love by following these tips.

Complete the Required Continuing Education Classes

First of all, depending on the guidelines in your state, you might be required to take continuing education classes every so often so that you can maintain your license. Even if this is not required in your state, your employer might require it. Even though the idea of going back to school might not sound too appealing, it can actually be a good thing even if you aren't required to do it by your state or your employer. After all, continuing education courses can help you stay on top of the newest technology and techniques in your industry. Plus, you don't usually have to attend these classes in person if you don't want to; instead, you might be able to find X ray radiology continuing education courses online, which you might find to be a lot more convenient.

Keep Your License Active

In addition to potentially having to take continuing education classes, there might be other things that you have to do in order to keep your license as an X-ray technician active. For example, you might be required to take a test every few years or to follow other steps. To make sure that your license stays active so that you can keep your job, make sure that you're aware of the guidelines in your state, and make sure that you follow them.

Follow HIPAA Laws

As an X-ray technician, you probably find yourself handling people's sensitive medical documents on a daily basis. As you might already know, this leaves you with a big responsibility to handle these documents as you are supposed to. Not only is it important for you to handle these documents properly for the safety and well-being of your patients, but you also have to do it so that you can keep your job. If you violate HIPAA laws related to personal medical information, then you could face losing your job and other serious consequences. Therefore, make sure that you have a solid understanding of these laws and that you follow them as you are supposed to in every situation.